We will gladly provide you with expert advice during the construction of new, complete systems or the expansion of existing production facilities. Your ideas or existing plans will be expertly analysed and proposals for the optimal design of individual machines or complete plants together with the corresponding process technologies will be developed.



Planning begins when your order is placed and includes the compilation of final drawings.

In addition, we can be engaged to supply any units or accessories due to be assembled on the site so as to ensure that, in consultation with our development group, only technologically mature products are used to complete the system.



After the compilation of all of the technical data required for production, the development of the system is performed by an experienced team of engineers. The results are summarised in a detailed proposal in which the scope of delivery in terms of machines, units and accessories as well as examples of plans for the advantageous positioning of the individual machines can be consulted. All the details concerning the machines and the technical processes are thoroughly discussed once again at a final meeting. Your special requests, provided they are technically feasible, are taken into consideration wherever possible.



The construction of each of the machines is described in detail in our order confirmation. All models are built to comply strictly with the legal requirements currently in force. These include the Equipment Safety Act (MSG), the Accident Prevention Regulations (VBG) and the regulations applicable to electrical equipment (complying with VDE or the regulations that apply in the corresponding country). Following assembly, the functional efficiency of each unit is checked. The corresponding data is recorded in an acceptance report. All the machines are ‘state-of-the-art’, robustly built and simple to operate. All the machines are designed in a way that ensures that extremely high performance and an optimal utilisation ratio are obtained in return for minimum energy consumption.



Our service comprises the assembly and the commissioning of the machines supplied by us.

This also includes briefing the operating personnel on the process technologies employed. By supplying on time and adhering to a precise timetable it is possible to commence production right after installation has been completed. In order to ensure trouble-free operation – especially for plants assembled abroad and overseas – recommendations for spare parts are prepared for the individual units. In addition, our scope of service includes a non-binding visit to the site by our installers in order to consolidate our customer relationship.